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Creative Custody and Access Solutions

Issues involving custody, and access may be among the most contentious in family law. The problems can begin even before separation, when you must find a way to break the news to your children. The challenges only grow larger from that point on. There are many solutions available to deal with parenting issues which may not be immediately apparent to yourself. Often it is productive to involve a third party professional person to assist in determining the parenting plan that is most suitable to your particular children, taking into account their wishes and their needs.

At Levitt, Lightman, Dewar & Graham, LLP, we have many years of experience resolving child custody and access matters. We work hard to ensure that our clients can continue to play a meaningful role in their children's lives, and that the solutions we achieve are in the best interest of the children.

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Achieving Your custody and Child Visitation Goals

Over the years, we have helped many clients in the Greater Toronto Area achieve custody and access solutions that have enabled them to continue to have rich, meaningful relationships with their children and which have been based upon the best interests of their children. In some of these cases, we have turned to collaborative law, a process particularly suited for the resolution of custody and access issues. Other options include negotiation, mediation and traditional court advocacy. GTA family lawyer Murray Lightman will examine your situation and explain your legal options. Based on your instructions, our firm will then work hard to achieve your goals, while protecting your rights and those of your children.

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