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At Levitt, Lightman, Dewar & Graham, LLP, we have more than three decades of experience in family law matters, including child support and spousal support. We can assist you in coming up with tax effective solutions which will maximize the net amount of income available to you at the end of the day. We will assist you in resolving issues relating to child and spousal support in a cost effective and efficient manner.

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Etobicoke Child Support Lawyers Serving Greater Toronto

In the province of Ontario parents are obligated to provide for their children's needs. Usually, this results in one parent (the payor) providing child support to the other parent, though allowances are made for situations involving shared custody.

The level of support is set by the Child Support Guidelines and is based on the incomes of the parents, adjusted for certain expenses, deductions and other factors. Simply applying the guidelines without a full examination of all relevant facts may not be sufficient.

Murray Lightman will thoroughly review your situation, including the special and extraordinary expenses relating to your children when calculating the required child support level. Murray also has experience in cases involving self-employed parents and those whose incomes vary from period to period. It is not always an easy task to determine the true income level of payor for the purpose of calculating his or her child support obligation. A thorough review of the financial situation of the payor may be required prior to determining is true income. We can advise and assist you in determining the appropriate level of support given the circumstances of your particular situation.

Child support is intended to be reviewable and varied on an annual basis. Spousal support can be varied if there has been a material change in circumstances. Once an agreement or order has been arrived at with respect to support, that is not necessarily the final order which will subsist into the future. Changes relating to the income situation of the payor as well as the needs of the recipient spouse, including changes relating to the children may warrant a frequent review of the support situation. Our firm can assist you in reviewing existing support orders or agreements to determine whether any changes are required, and if so, the most cost effective and practical solution to remedy the situation.

GTA Spousal Support Lawyers

While there are also guidelines that indicate a range for spousal support (the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines) there is also greater discretion in applying those guidelines. How much will you likely be required to pay or how much will you receive? When will it end? Are there special factors in your case? Is there any other approach that can be taken to restructure the obligation and is it to my benefit to do so? Our firm can guide you with respect to these questions, and we will work diligently to help you achieve a fair spousal support payment.

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