Toronto Collaborative Law Lawyers

Collaborative Law - A Proactive Process That Preserves Your Dignity

In recent years, many people in Ontario have turned to collaborative law to resolve family law problems involving parenting, financial, and other related issues . They have found that the process can achieve mutually acceptable solutions while reducing emotional conflict and stress. It also keeps the matter out of court, giving the parties control over the eventual outcome.

In a half-hour consultation, a lawyer at our firm can explain the collaborative law process and help you decide if it is right for you. Please contact us to learn more.

The Collaborative Law Process

As the first step in the process, the parties agree to use collaborative law to resolve their family law issues. This means not going to court. The parties and their lawyers meet to discuss their concerns and possible solutions, in a respectful and cooperative atmosphere. When needed, an outside professional, such as a financial analyst or child specialist, can join the discussion to provide guidance and answers to specific issues. Collaborative law is solution-focused, designed to resolve family law issues in a practical, efficient and affordable manner. Collaborative law is not appropriate for everyone. Etobicoke collaborative law lawyer Murray Lightman can review your situation and determine whether the process is right for you. If it is not, our firm can resolve your family law issues through other means, such as negotiation or litigation. If you do choose collaborative law, Murray will explain the process in detail, so you will be fully prepared as you enter the conference room.

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