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In most cases, the divorce process concludes with the signing of a separation agreement. This document specifies how issues involving child custody, support, property division and other issues arising from the separation are to be dealt with. The agreement you reach will shape your life for years to come, so it is important to have advice and representation from an experienced lawyer during this important point in time.

At Levitt, Lightman, Dewar & Graham, LLP, our lawyers have been providing results-oriented representation to people in the Greater Toronto Area for many years. We are highly experienced in negotiating separation agreements that are both practical and protective of our clients' rights. For more information about the divorce process and a consultation about your case, please contact our firm.

Divorce and Separation Agreements in Ontario

In Canada, there are three grounds for divorce: living "separate and apart" for one year, adultery and mental or physical cruelty. Virtually all divorces are granted on the basis of a one-year separation.. People may be living "separate and apart" although they continue to cohabit under one roof. They may do so for financial reasons, for reasons relating to the parenting of their children or for other reasons. The issue as to the date upon which people have actually separated for the purposes of obtaining the divorce and for the purpose of division of assets is often not a simple one. It is not necessary to wait for people to physically separate before commencing negotiations to attempt to resolve the outstanding issues arising from the marriage and from the breakdown of the marriage. The period of time during which people are awaiting their divorce can be effectively utilized to resolve outstanding issues, which greatly simplifies the obtaining of the actual divorce. Successfully concluding a separation agreement can save you significant legal expense, while giving you much greater control over the ultimate outcome of your case. . Once a separation agreement has been concluded, it is usually a simple and straightforward matter to obtain the order for divorce which terminates the marriage and enables you to remarry, should you wish to do so in the future. Etobicoke separation lawyer Murray Lightman has more than 34 years of experience in family law matters. Murray is a skilled negotiator and he also employs collaborative law when appropriate to resolve the issues arising from separation, including child custody and access, property division child and spousal support and other issues arising from your separation. Our firm will seek to achieve a separation agreement that is fair, practical and that enables you to move forward in your life.

Common Law Marriages and Relationship Breakups

Breakups involving common law relationships involve significantly different legal issues than do divorces, particularly in the area of property division. Many people believe that, common law partners have exactly the same entitlement as do married partners. This is not true. Property issues arising from the dissolution of a common-law relationship often involve consideration of the doctrine of constructive trust. There is no automatic entitlement to a sharing property as is the case when married partners separate. Our firm has extensive experience in these types of cases, as well as marital breakups.

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