Agreements that provide security

Sometimes cohabitation and prenuptial agreements are a necessary part of life. If you are currently in a common law partnership or are considering marriage, legal agreements can protect your assets, prevent future conflicts, and provide security to a developing relationship.

While admittedly not a romantic topic for discussion, cohabitation and prenuptial agreements are established so both people, in the event of a breakup, are protected from disagreements over property or spousal support. Our family lawyers have seen that such agreements are particularly useful if you own a home, already have children, or are entering into a new relationship. We can advise on the subtleties of marriages or common law partnerships, along with equitable property and asset division.

At Levitt, Lightman, Dewar & Graham, LLP, we draft cohabitation and prenuptial agreements designed to protect assets and give peace of mind to our clients. We can also review a proposed agreement or advise on if an existing agreement is still valid.

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