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“Richard and Kathy were awesome as I went through figuring out the roles of both Power of Attorney Executor over a period of three years. Very responsive, kind and even fun in some very challenging situations. I was very fortunate. Thank you so much.” – Mike Kelley,

“Excellent services and very professional. Thank you and your team for all your help and expertise. I would recommend Levitt Lightman Dewar & Graham LLP for effectively providing great service.”
– Cecilia Sankat,

“Great service and good people. I've used LLDG for several years now for purchases and sales of properties. Richard Levitt is knowledgeable and kind and I will continue to employ his services for years to come.”
– Jorge,

“I used the services of Richard Levitt when I needed to prepare my Will and Power of Attorney documents. I found Richard knowledgeable but also easy to speak to. I had done a lot of research before our consultation. None the less Richard had very useful suggestions which I ended up following. After having had a poor experience with another firm for my real estate transaction, I found the offices of LLDG very easy to get in touch with and felt the firm was well organized. It was worth the trip to Etobicoke! I will use Richard again should I need to update my Estate documents or have another real estate transaction in the future.” – 212 Parking,

“Quality support efficient honest and personable.”
– Mary Keeber,

“Richard and his team were a great help!” – David Fair,

“Nice people well experienced” – Acceleration Electric,

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Fred Levitt

“My family has trusted Fred and his firm for over 50 years. Always satisfied with advice and patience to make complex issues understood.” Dec 2018

“An excellent firm for real estate transactions. Organized and attentive to client needs. Always conducts follow-up on client issues.” Dec 2014

“The lawyer and staff are intent on making sure that you receive an explanation which you understand of every step in your matter.” March 2009


Richard Levitt

“Richard was great! He was helpful and supportive throughout my condo search. He and his team made themselves available whenever I needed. I would highly recommend!” May 2018

“Richard and Fred Levitt prepared our wills and powers of attorney two years ago. It was an efficient and professional process that covered all contingencies in a comfortable environment with all questions answered and/or anticipated. Richard also handled the recent sale of our family home - we know that there was a lot of work on his end but for us it was stress free without even one hiccup. We highly recommend Richard Levitt and the firm of Levitt, Lightman, Dewar and Graham LLP without any reservations. Dec 2017

“I needed a lawyer to prepare my Will and Power of Attorney documents. I found Richard very easy to talk to and up front. I had put a lot of thought into what I wanted before meeting with him but he was still able to provide valuable suggestions. I never had any problem deal with the office and everything was done very promptly.” Nov 2016

“As a first time home buyer, I had many questions and needed some guidance. Richard was very responsive and accommodating to me given a very short notice purchase.” Aug 2016

“Attention to detail, excellent at explaining the process, picked up the phone to call without hesitation. Kind, funny and infinitely knowledgeable. I'd recommend Rich to anyone.” July 2016

“Excellent service. No issues very clear, concise, and fair. I have had Richard work on my estate, will and real estate transactions with absolutely no issues.” Lynn McColgan, June 2016

“Richard is an excellent lawyer. Our law firm refers all our corporate and real estate to Richard and Fred Levitt. you cannot go wrong here.” Feb 2016

“Very efficient! Phones always answered! When we sold our home, we received our funds the same day! We recommend his services!” April 2015

“I used Richard Levitt for a home sale and purchase, and got him to help me change my Will. Even from the first inquiry, he's been helpful and responsive to my questions and concerns. He was organized and right up to speed on everything when I showed up to sign on my closing date. When I misunderstood part of the estate process, he personally and professionally let me know and cleared things up. I'm glad to have found Richard, and will continue to use he and his firm, when needed.” Feb 2015

“We have now used Richard & his team for 3 different legal requirements during the last 6 months. They handled the sale of a house, purchase of a new property & setting up of a Will. We went back to them each time because they provided both a professional & excellent service level. We would have no hesitation in recommending Richard & his team to anyone looking for a competent, reliable & very approachable lawyer.” May 2014

“Richard and his staff were efficient and truly excellent given my tight timeline. I'd readily recommend his services to anyone buying or selling a home.” Oct 2013

“Richard Levitt has a personal style that impressed me and my wife in addition to my daughter in law on more than one occasion. The legal work he and his staff have done for us with our real estate and estate needs was exceptional. I have referred Richard to my friends.” Feb 2013

“Richard Levitt helped my wife and I buy our first house. He was easy to work with, professional and genuinely interested in making the entire process as rewarding as possible. I would highly recommend Richard's services. He is knowledgably, detail orientated and I believe would be a key asset to any legal transaction.” Oct 2012

“Dedicated and professional without being intimidating, Richard represented the best interests of both our partners throughout the process of incorporating our consulting firm.” May 2012


David Sherr

“Most of the time, Family Law matters are messy. I came to David after parting ways with a very expensive previous counsel. David is very knowledgeable, efficient with billable time, level-headed, goal-oriented, and focused. I had initially retained David for one specific contentious issue related to my matter that needed to be dealt with at that time. By the time we were through, the entire matter had been settled outside of court. Highly recommend.” Oct 2018

“Extremely satisfied with the level of service we received from David Scherr.” Oct 2018

“Top scores across the board! David has been a voice or reason and a tremendous partner to guide me through my separation and new life. He was respectful and professional. He asked what I wanted to accomplish. He told me the goal is realistic and fair and we worked towards a fair and equitable outcome. Though he specializes in family law and has seen it all, he was calm, cool and insightful as it related to how to deal with joint custody, division of assets and kept the interests of the children always on the table when making decisions about the future. He provided advise on what is reasonable for shared custody, how far apart to live, tax implications to consider and vacations to name a few. David appreciated how it was impacting me and was a voice of reason too. He was not afraid to tell me if I was being unreasonable. David helped by being effective and efficient as we navigated a difficult situation and I thank him for it.” July 2018

“David was the best. I had a few lawyers while going through my divorce and David Sherr was a better defender than all the rest. He explained everything to the fullest details, not that he yaps on and on; but he makes sure you know and understand how things work and what you need to know. He even tried to minimize my expense during the process. Other lawyers would not care to save you money or reduce how much money they could get out of you, and believe me I know because I had other lawyers before; but David was honest, hard-working, and persistent. I recommend/endorse David for anyone in need of his, and his team's services.” June 2018

“It was a pleasure to have David representing me. He is smart, efficient and 100% dependable. I would highly recommend David Sherr.” June 2018

“David is amazing. For the past 5 years the parenting agreement hadn't been followed and we still have paralyzing personality conflict to the point of gridlock in terms of communication. We reached a new Final order, after 2 years in court and it was broken within the month, at which point I actually used this site and found David. He has a deep knowledge of the law, and uses it fairly, while diligently and thoroughly structuring the case to achieve a strong outcome for the child. With our case he was quick to offer a neutrally beneficial solution to the other party that would have been swift and cost effective, but escalated our request as necessary, applying pressure but also frequent lifeboats in this process. It could have ended reasonably at any time with his approach (and probably should have). The other lawyer was poorly prepared by her client and David was able to assert our position, achieving a consent to 75% of our costs. He picked up on really important nuance in court too.” Feb 2018

“I was so lucky to be referred to David by a friend and he helped me throughout my separation. I went to David confused and felt hopeless. But David’s approach of being honest, straightforward, and supportive made me believe I am in good hands and he had my family’s best interest at his hand. During my consultation with David, I was very impressed by his advanced knowledge, expertise and deep understanding of the law, he is also super-efficient with all paperwork which I benefit both financially and timewise. He provided me the best possible suggestion and support. It made my situation easier especially during a stressful time. I ended up with a much better situation than I thought originally. I am happy with the result we landed and looking forward to a new chapter of life.” Jan 2018

“While there were lawyers that seemed more aggressively certain of achieving a certain outcome, I chose David because I had the sense that he operated from a strong ethical base that prized fairness, grounded legal knowledge in an unhurried, compassionate, supportive way. Seeing as this is one of the most difficult things I've experienced, and it presumed much loss, David's calm, steady ability to listen deeply, offer appropriate courage and support while understanding the ins and outs of my case steadied the process. David's constitution for fairness preserved a vision for my post-pain future. One where I know I will feel good about the outcome for both myself, my partner and what we shared between us. From this perspective, I felt that David was who I wanted in my corner for the me I was fighting for. Which is to say the me in two years, five years, ten years. This is good emotional suturing, good business practice, and certainly felt like a good approach to lawyer-ing.” Dec 2017

“David's great advice and support throughout my entire process was instrumental in the success of my case. I always felt that I was in good hands and that he had my best interests at heart. His honesty from start to finish never waned and I knew that trusting him would not be difficult. His knowledge, expertise and confidence as a family lawyer amazed me and I'm thrilled that I chose him to represent me. I'm very happy with the end result of my case and couldn't have achieved it without him.” July 2017

“During my consultation with David, I was very comfortable. He understood my situation and was able to assist in outlining some key factors. As we know, family matters can be painful and stressful so it makes the situation less of a burden when you know that you are in the hands of competent, professional individuals who can assist you.” July 2017

“David did a fantastic job with my case. I really needed not only good solid advice, but also someone to help guide me through a whole process and help look after my family. Thanks to David the process was less painful than it could have been.” June 2017

“David Sherr is one of the greatest family lawyers I've had the chance to meet. He's not the first lawyer I've had during my 5 years of battling in court however, he is the first one I've met that I can say is truly a selfless human being. I first met David through a 30-minute consultation. Right away he showed me how client focused and assertive he could be as my lawyer. Knowing that I was a single mother fighting to make ends meet David did not turn me away like most in the past had done and for that I am so grateful. David found alternative ways for us to work together during my proceedings because I felt I couldn't do it alone. There was not one moment I felt alone as David was always a call or email away. David's phenomenal quality of work and proactive thinking got me end result I needed… He has made a huge difference in me and my son's life.” April 2016

“I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful lawyer as David Sherr. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer. Not only is he very knowledgeable but he is also very kind. I felt very comfortable with David Sherr because he was always considerate of my feelings and truly listened to my concerns, he was always willing to help, and he always took the time to explain everything to me when I had questions. David Sherr has helped me and my family more than words can express. Thank you David!! Feb 2015

“David Sherr is an outstanding very smart very knowledgeable Lawyer and a very good person all around. When you work with him it feels like you have known him for years. The ease at which he assures you is bar none. What a fantastic lawyer David is. What he did for me was outstanding. I’d recommend David to anyone in a heartbeat!” July 2014

“I was referred to Mr. Sherr by a friend and I have been happy I moved over to this excellent lawyer. You immediately feel at ease with him as he is very personable and empathizes with your situation. He is also brilliant and that makes everything even better. I would recommend him highly if you are unfortunately going through a messy situation and need expert family law advice.” April 2014

“I was very pleased with this personable young man. David went out of his field to help me in my time of need when others seemingly more suited to the task turned me down. I was quite happy with the results. I rated 5 on knowledge because what he didn't know he researched. The other 5's seemed obvious to me.” Jan 2014

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