Begin your next life stage on sound footing

Separations and divorces can be highly stressful and emotional, even in amicable situations. It’s very important to consult with an experienced lawyer who understands all the legal rights and obligations that arise upon separation.

At LLDG, our family lawyers not only produce results but are also compassionate and sensitive. Our family law team can help ensure your next stage of life starts off on the soundest possible footing.

We emphasize negotiation over litigation, so not all clients will need to go through the processes of mediations, arbitrations, court actions, trials, or appeals. We can help you with the many fine points of separation or divorce, which may include matters such as dividing and equalizing property, solving parenting issues, and organizing child or spousal support.

Hiring a lawyer can seem daunting, but it’s simply about ensuring the right decisions are agreed upon, as they will guide your life for years to come.

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