Simplified real estate transactions

Buying or selling a home is clearly a major life decision. Whether you’re moving into your first home, purchasing an investment property, listing the family home or relocating a workplace, there are many issues to consider with such a sizeable transaction.

For 50 years, Levitt, Lightman, Dewar & Graham, LLP has worked with clients to simplify real estate transactions no matter the size or complexity of the property.

We will guide you through all the necessary steps of a purchase or sale, from beginning to end, including:

  • Preparing and reviewing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Reviewing Assignments of Agreements of Purchase and Sale
  • Reviewing mortgage financing documents on purchases and refinances
  • Reviewing the Status Certificate for condominium purchases
  • Completing a title search and registering a deed
  • Inspecting or preparing all closing documentation

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